Supporting International Cooperation in Slovakia

Slovak Academic Association for International Cooperation (SAAIC) is a voluntary association of natural persons and legal entities; the members are the higher education institutions in Slovakia. Its objective is to support and coordinate international co-operation of Slovak universities and other educational institutions, especially with the EU Member countries within the framework of education, training and research programmes.
The SAAIC has been established in 1992; the registered office of the SAAIC is in Bratislava (see contact address below). Its´ legal status is an independent corporate body registered at the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic as a non-governmental, non-profit organisation.
The Association is working as an information and publicity centre assembling and distributing information for universities and other relevant institutions concerning the possibilities of participating in educational and research activities through international programmes. In cooperation with the Slovak Academic Information Agency (SAIA) these two NGOs are covering and managing all main sources for financing the European mobility and cooperation of the Slovak higher education institutions. These two Associations are also the joint members of the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) that associates the institutions dealing with international education in the field of higher education in Europe, USA and Australia.
The main aims of the SAAIC are:
  • Building up the information system about accomplished programmes and about other international activities;
  • Providing information, consulting and advisory services about international educational programmes;
  • Organizing national and international seminars and conferences, fairs and competitions in the area of education and training;
  • Participating in the national and transnational projects, surveys, analysis aimed at improvement of the education system in Slovakia.
The Association cooperates with institutions of similar nature in the Slovak Republic and abroad, especially within the European Union. At the national level SAAIC closely cooperates with the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic, which is the national authority for community activities in the area of education and training. The milestones of this cooperation were:
  • Since 1992 the Association has coordinated several Community programmes at the national level (TEMPUS, Phare Multi-Country Cooperation in Higher Education) and participated in dozens of projects dealing with education, training and career guidance issues.
  • In 1996 SAAIC established the national agencies for preparation, organization and administration of the European Community action programmes SOCRATES and LEONARDO da VINCI.
  • Starting 2004 were established also the National structure for the Erasmus Mundus programme and National Contact Point for Tempus programme. The role of both offices is to inform the higher education institutions in the Slovak Republic about the possibilities for participation in the programmes and to give the consultation by preparing the projects.
  • Since 2005 the Association has had a status of the Mandated body for the Twinning scheme projects.
  • Based on the experience collected in previous years the Association was nominated by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic as the National Agency for the new Life-Long Learning Programme, which started in 2007.
  • SAAIC is also eligible for the coordination and contracting different international projects (e.g. Tempus SCM West Balkan Bologna promoters Network, Visegrad fund project Glossary on Bologna and others).
A continuous effort for improving the quality of the work in SAAIC has resulted in implementation of the Quality Management System in the area of programme and project management. In 2006 the Association received a quality certificate EN ISO 9001:2000 awarded by the international auditing company TÜV Nord in Essen, Germany.

Contact details:

Jozef Detko
Executive Director

Slovenská akademická asociácia pre medzinárodnú spoluprácu
Križkova 9
811 04 Bratislava

Tel: +421 2 209 222 01